Placebo presents: ‘Battle For The Sun’…

Placebo’s show last nite at Palacio de los Deportes was AWESOME!!! (In my opinion).

Placebo 30.09.09 033It was actually much better than I expected… They still rock, just like the first time I’ve ever seen them. Even with a few technical problems, Placebo managed to perform amazingly! Here’s the story….

Placebo’s youngest and brand new member, Steve Forrest, opened the show. He sang like 8 songs, and he really tried to interact with people… However, we all were there to see Placebo.

So here you go the setlist:

1. Kitty Litter – nice opening… just as in their latest album!

Placebo 30.09.09 0252. Ashtray Heart – mi corazón, mi cenicero!

3. Battle For The Sun

4. For What It’s Worth

5. Soulmates Never Die* – A very nice change with this song. People finally started singing. Apparently, Placebo’s popularity comes right from their earlier albums, and not the last one… or people don’t know the lyrics for the new songs, I dunno…

6. Speak In Tongues

7. Follow The Cops Back Home*

8. Every You Every Me** – wow! Back to the late 90’s…

9. Special Needs**

10. The Never Ending Why

11. Happy You’re Gone – Before the band started playing the song, Molko stated he wrote this song in a river, on a boat…

12. Devil In The Details – This is such a nice tune! I really enjoyed it :). The band, however, had to restart playing this song ‘cause Stefan was having some troubles since the beginning of the show both with his guitar and his bass… shame! But Molko asked us to say: Go Stef go! I dunno if that helped, but it was fun… lots of interaction between the band and all of us ;).

13. Breathe Underwater – This one is amazing, but it’s even better live!

14. Meds**

15. Come undone

 After playing this song, Molko introduced their support musicians to the audience and said that Mexicans are among the best fans they have… I remember the Friendly Fires’ frontman saying the very same thing… Hence, it must be true: we are awesome! 😉

16. Special K**

Placebo 30.09.09 03817. Song To Say Goodbye – An ad hoc song to end a concert, huh?


18. Infra-red**

19. The Bitter end**

20. Taste in Men**


As a final remark, I’d like to say that I really liked Steve Forrest as a drummer: his youth and strenght create a louder and rocker sound for the band… it all feels  so fresh! Anyways…

So you guys will be able to watch some short video clips I recorded during the concert by clicking on their titles:

Steve Forrest’s Opening – Placebo

Kitty Litter – Placebo

Ashtray Heart – Placebo

Battle For The Sun – Placebo

For What It’s Worth – Placebo

I absolutely enjoyed the concert… It was by far better than I  hoped for. That’s it  for now, xoxo…


* People were really happy to hear these songs
** Euphoric crowd!

Una respuesta a “Placebo presents: ‘Battle For The Sun’…

  1. I was in that concert and i really liked it, it’s just that I wanted to hear some others songs i like, like twenty years or this picture or because i want you. Anyway i love placebo and i’m waiting for their next concert in mexico city.


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