Flashback: The first gig I attended

Hey everyone :), good evening!

Deep in my heart, I found some inspiration both to write that cover letter I needed to send today, and this post I originally promised my friend Zed to publish on Saturday, by midnight. Well, here I am, trying to remember a fair enough amount of details about the very first gig I attended in my life.

The farthest memory I’ve got about it is my aunt and cousins taking me to the Televisa studios where an extremely popular TV Show called ‘Siempre en Domingo’ was to be aired a couple of hours later. I must have been like 4 or 5 years old and spent several hours bored, not really understanding what was going on. One of the most popular artists at the time was Chayanne, a Puerto Rican dancer and singer. He was the last to perform that day, and I was tired looking at my teenager cousin getting extremely excited ‘cause he was singing really close to us and she really wanted to touch at least his arm. Suddenly, my aunt lifted me, and as soon as I turned my face to the stage, I found myself cheek kissed by the star.

I was envied by everyone during the following days, especially by my cousin… After googling the show, I found the following video…

I can’t tell if this is the actual show I attended, but it definitely illustrates the format of this emission. And following Zed‘s post structure, I’ll describe the first gig I attended consciously, voluntarily and happily. I was in High School, 2003, and some of my friends organized themselves to give me a ticket to see Placebo as a birthday gift. It was actually to attend the Festival Alternativo at the Foro Sol, in which loads of bands and artists performed. I remember Kinky (they’re still playing the same songs they used to play back then), la Mala Rodríguez (never liked her), Cerati (Fuerza, Cerati!), Café Tacvba (which didn’t suck at the moment), and of course Placebo. I loved the gig, as I recognised every single song as soon as I heard the first tunes… knowing by heart all of their lyrics and enjoying their setlist was a plus that made it all just perfect… The most special moment was when Brian Molko sang a Bésame Mucho snippet, song originally written by Consuelito Velázquez, a Mexican composer who passed away in 2005.

It was an amazing day :), something I’ll never forget. I couldn’t find any related videos, so I decided to post a song by Gustavo Cerati that I love badly and that he played that day. Then again, it’s not a video recorded that day but hey, do you really care about it :P?

That being it for now, xoxo

PS Please don’t hesitate to comment on my English vocabulary/grammar/syntax mistakes, I’ll happily learn from all of your comments.


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