Download: Apparat’s podcast for Resident Advisor

RA.326: Apparat, tracklist:

  1. Space Dimension Controller2257 AD
  2. PionalIn Another Room
  3. Tevo HowardSpend Some Time
  4. Jacob Mikesh FilburthAt the Ranch (Lauer remix)
  5. Todd TerjeSwing Star Pt II
  6. ZZT – ZZafrica(Julio Bashmore remix)
  7. Jacques GreeneThese Days
  8. Glass CandySugar & Whitebread
  9. Bostro Pesopeo & PionalYes 
  10. CollegeIncident
  11. DaphniAhora (Margot remix)
  12. M83 When Will You Come Home
  13. Tahiti 80Darlin Adam Eve Song (John Talabot remix)
  14. Zodiac Free Arts ClubLindos Express
  15. Tim HeckerHatred of Music II
Hey everyone!

Yesterday, I synchronized my iPod in order to add some new music stuff I recently got when I happily realized that a very interesting download started on its own. It was Resident Advisor‘s podcast number 326, which was mixed by one of my favorite German musicians, Sascha Ring, aka Apparat.

So I immediately listened to it and didn’t even feel those almost 54 minutes it lasts. I actually felt it was too short and listened to it again. It put me in such a good mood, which actually turns out not to be just a coincidence. Ring stated that not only is him feeling in a better and happier mood, but he’s also DJ’d with another brilliant boy in today’s electronic music scene, John Talabot, who made him enjoy his ‘good mood music.’ And that made Ring get to a turning point: he decided to focus on happier tunes from now on! And in the short term, some more Moderat stuff will be cooked :).

After such great and exciting news, I proceed to recommend you to download Apparat‘s podcast. You can either click here and just download it or, even better, go and subscribe to RA’s weekly podcasts for two reasons. Firstly because you’ll automatically get them every Monday (UK time, which in Mexico’s time is very late night Sunday) and secondly because you won’t miss any other brilliant podcast in the future ;).  Finally, I couldn’t help posting this lovely tweet that reinforces this good mood Sascha Ring is currently experiencing… hopefully, this recommendation will please your ears.

That being it for now, xoxo

PS Please don’t hesitate to comment on my English vocabulary/grammar/syntax mistakes, I’ll happily learn from all of your comments.


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