Pre-gig songbook: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers by Ellen Von Unwerth

Red Hot Chili Peppers by Ellen Von Unwerth

The California based band Red Hot Chili Peppers continue this year their I’m With You Tour . Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th March are possibly the most expected days for us, their Mexican fans, who will attend at least one of their gigs at the Palacio de los Deportes, especially because we had to wait 6 long years for them to come back to our beloved Big City.

…Well, to be honest, I had the chance to see them performing last summer at Lollapalooza and I loved them :D! But their gig wouldn’t have been as exciting if I hadn’t known by heart the lyrics to most of their songs. As a non native English speaker, I enjoy far more those gigs in which I can actually sing along with the band and reinterpret my favorite songs.

Therefore, I decided to start a new section in my slowly rekindled blog. The section is called Pre-gig Songbook, and I intend to write one related post per gig I attend from now on… And yeah, I’m fully aware of the risk that it is to name this section using a somewhat awkward grammatical construction but hey, this is my blog! 😛

So I did my research and, in a very general way, I bet that the following 13 songs (which you can listen to as a playlist via my Youtube channel by clicking here) will definitely be part of their setlist. I added two more songs at the end that I wish they’ll play. Anyway, memorize the lyrics or at least read them if you haven’t just yet and see you at The Chilis gig!

That being said, xoxo…

  1. Monarchy Of Roses
  2. Around The World
  3. Otherside
  4. Dani California
  5. Can’t Stop
  6. Under The Bridge
  7. Snow (Hey Oh)
  8. Scar Tissue
  9. Californication
  10. By The Way
  11. Look Around
  12. The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
  13. Give It Away    And two more songs that I wish they’ll perform:
  14. What In The World (David Bowie Cover)
  15. Right On Time