This black cloud above me is ruthless…

The art of letting go is mastered by few…

ImageBut as painful as losing someone who you still love might be, it’s actually better to call it quits on time before mutual damage grows and saying goodbye becomes extremely grievous.

And like Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.’

So farewell… Farewell to you my first, my one, and my only prince.

I never stopped thinking that you were my very own prince, by the way. I never forgot all the good reasons that I had to start dating you in the first place. I took you just as you are, considering that you were already you when we met and that I probably wouldn’t like you as much if you weren’t you. But most importantly, I don’t think I ever tried to change a thing of you because I loved your imperfection. I loved you. So goodbye after 185 days that meant nothing to you. Goodbye after all those days and nights, and words and silences that were just not enough for you… August 11th 2012 must be an ordinary date for you, whereas for me is the day I took a leap of faith. I fell in love with you. And I’m still painfully in love. But you say this is impossible, so I need to let you go and say goodbye. Goodbye after watching a whole different film during six months, in which I voluntarily fooled myself. Goodbye after writing two sonnets that you never read ‘cause I just didn’t have the chance to hand them to you (as many other chances that you cut off me with a single stroke). And finally, goodbye after crying all my tears from Monday night to Friday Saturday Sunday the following Monday morning in a row …because of you. I miss you :(.

But then again, to paraphrase wise Marilyn, I might never stop loving you; but I’ll just learn to live without you. No matter how long it takes me.

That being it for now, xoxo